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Shipping & Returns

Shipping Policy

Once you have placed your order via online or in person, we guarantee that you will receive before the due date you have given. The earliest we can ship your order is 5 days or 2 weeks from the date of payment , plus 2 business days shipping time. All of our orders are shipped threw USPS. We ship Domestic & International.

Method                                                Cost                                       Time

US Standard                                       $8.99                                         2-3 Business Days 

US Over $200                                     FREE                                         2-3 Business Days 

Canada                                               $12.99                                       5-7 Business Days

Canada Over $250                             FREE                                        5-7 Business Days 

UK                                                       $15.99                                       5-10 Business Days

UK Over $250                                     FREE                                        5-10 Business Days

International                                     $15.99                                        5-10 Business Days 

International Over $250                   FREE                                          5-10 Business Day

Return and
Exchange Policy

Stoi’s Atelier is a Custom Made-to-order Design Brand.  Our designs are made one by one, hand & machine. We custom fit each design to our clients specific measurements, height &/or color.  We do not offer NO REFUNDS or EXCHANGES for that reason. We want to ensure your happiness with the SAS Brand. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to view the FAQ page for additional questions or contact us via email at

(Return Policy?) or phone us 1-803-200-2437

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